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Educational videos

The following are some videos that we made to help you to know how to either perform common exercises safely or helpful daily lifestyle tip to keep you healthy.  Enjoy!

Tip 1:

Move your neck to keep it from getting sore.

Tip 2:

Don't hold your phone all of the time.

Tip 3:

Get walking, even for a few minutes at a time. Every minute counts.

Wall plank: abdominals, back

Shoulder press: deltoids, rotator cuff, triceps

Tip 4:

If sitting long periods, get up every 15 minutes to change your spine position.

Wall push up: abdominals, triceps, chest

The "sumo" squat: quads, adductors, glutes

Physio tip: watch out for your jaw clenching

Physio tip: look up!

Physio tip: watch the "computer claw" grip

Shoulder abduction: deltoids and rotator cuff

Rear lunge: glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings

Bicep curl: biceps (front upper arms)

Physio tip:  practice balance while brushing your teeth! 

The squat: quads, glutes, hamstrings

Reverse abdominal crunch: abdominals and obliques

Balance C-shape: working on lower body stability

Physio tip: Try sitting in multiple positions to avoid back stiffness

Rotate and Warming: gentle exercise to relieve tension in lower back, pelvis and hips

Physio tip: to do chest stretch or not?

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