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Sitting long periods can lead to increased tension in your hip flexor muscles (fronts of you hips). Try this mobility exercise to relax the muscles and relieve associated lower body pain.

hip flexor stretch.jpg

Pain during pregnancy can be relieved with the right techniques.

Pain during pregnancy (1).jpg

When at rest, sitting or laying down, TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF.


Jaw pain isn't funny. But laughing can help your jaw pain!

jaw and laughing.jpg

Note to you Suffering Shovellers: save yourselves from the sore necks, arms and backs with these 3 tips.


 Even when nothing is in our hand, watch to see if you are making a fist. Tension can build significantly into our wrist, elbow and hand because of this "small gripping" over time. Relax your hand now, avoid the pain later!


Exercise that is great for the low and mid back, neck, as well as calming to the vagus nerve (which is important to the rest and relax hormones of your body).

arch and flatten.jpg
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